May 012012

Upsher-Smith Laboratories is recruiting patients aged 14-65 with partial or generalized epilepsy who experience seizure clusters for an ongoing Phase 3 clinical trial called ARTEMIS1 (Acute Rescue Therapy in Epilepsy with Midazolam Intranasal Spray). As part of the recruiting effort, the company has launched a website,

Upsher-Smith is developing USL261 intranasal midazolam, which it acquired from Ikano Therapeutics in 2010, for outpatient rescue treatment of seizure clusters. The FDA granted USL261 orphan drug designation in 2009.

The company’s Senior Director of Medical Affairs, Medical Strategy, Pamela J. Davis, commented, Medical Strategy, Upsher-Smith. “Clinical trials are an important part of the process to identify new treatment options for patients living with conditions such as seizure clusters where there is a significant need for new therapies. Upsher-Smith is working closely with the epilepsy community to complete ARTEMIS1 so that findings from the study can be interpreted and incorporated in the New Drug Application for intranasal midazolam.”

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