Cipla launches salmeterol/fluticasone MDI in Germany and Sweden

Cipla has announced the launch of its Serroflo salmeterol/fluticasone MDI, a generic version of Advair, in Germany and Sweden. The inhaler will be available in 25/125 mcg and 25/250 mcg versions, both of which will have 120 doses. The Serroflo brand name will be used in Germany; in Sweden, the product will be called Salmeterol/Fluticasone . . . Read more

Prosonix submits MAA for generic fluticasone propionate MDI

Prosonix has submitted an MAA for its PSX1001 fluticasone propionate MDI for the treatment of asthma, triggering a milestone payment from Mylan, the company has announced. In April 2014, Mylan acquired marketing rights for PSX1001 and another FP inhaler, PSX1050, in most of Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, India, and a number of other countries. . . . Read more

The Autohaler celebrates its 25th anniversary

3M Drug Delivery Systems is marking the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Aerolin Autohaler breath-activated salbutamol (albuterol) MDI. According to the company, over 120 million units of the Autohaler device have been manufactured since the inhaler was developed at 3M’s Loughborough, UK facility. 3M DDS Global Respiratory Laboratory Manager Richard Moody commented, “The . . . Read more