Invion raises A$1 million through private placement

Invion Limited, which is developing several inhaled drugs, has announced a private placement in which it is issuing 71.5 million ordinary shares at $0.014 per share to “a US institutional investor” for a total of about A$1 million. The company says that it will use the proceeds for working capital. Invion Managing Director and CEO . . . Read more

Aegis Therapeutics gets patents for intranasal delivery of triptans

Aegis Therapeutics has announced that it received its first Russian patent (No. 2554814), titled, “Compositions for drug administration.” The patent covers formulations of triptans for the treatment of migraine that use Aegis’ Intravail transmucosal absorption enhancers. According to the company, the Intravail formulation results in the achievment of clinically effective levels of the drug approximately . . . Read more

Study examines DPI device/formulation interactions

A study by researchers from King’s College London, the University of Parma, and inhalation testing specialist Intertek evaluating the interdependence of DPI formulation and device factors has been published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics. The article, titled “Formulating powder–device combinations for salmeterol xinafoate dry powder inhalers,” appeared in the July issue of the journal. . . . Read more